"RIA MARINE" LLC offers painting services on board the vessel during the voyage.

  1. Planned repair of ballast tanks, holds, superstructures, hatchcovers, exposed decks & coatings outfitting, enclosed spaces, E/R etc.
  2. Services of mixed teams: painter, welder, insulation specialist.
  3. Preparation for vetting.
  4. Urgent repair surface preparation, paint application during the voyage.
  5. Painting works combined with dry dock repair.
  6. By agreement we perform the following types of work:
    – cargo residues removing, removing bottom deposits, bunker tanks cleaning, shifting from HFO to the MDO.
  7. The service of coating inspector (Frosio 3L).

Our ship painters are qualified specialists, they have basic marine education of international standard, medical fitness certificate, insurance and visas for boarding a vessel. 

Ready to send a test team at your request.

Ship Riding Squad have the following documents :

  • Biometric passport
  • Seaman’s passport
  • Basic Safety Training (SOLAS) A-VI/1-1;2;3;4
  • Basic Training for Oil and Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations V/1-1-1
  • Ship painter certificate
  • Security training for seafarers with designated security duties A-VI/6-2
  • Opito Bosiet /Huet
  • Medical Exam ( National, Flag State, Drug and Alco), Yellow Fever
  • USA visa (C1/D)
  • International Insurance for the period of the contract

Docking Repairs

Having the contractual relations with the biggest Ukrainian Ship-Yards, nowadays we are capable to arrange docking repairs of vessels up to 100.000 DWT.

Acting as General Contractor, we undertake full responsibility for quality and terms of repair.
We guarantee rapid & efficient performance.

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